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GNSS / GPS Solutions


Print-O-Stat offers the ideal solution for every GNSS/GPS application, providing you with powerful technology for unmatched accuracy. From flexible purchasing and leasing options to expert repair and maintenance, we offer factory-trained service and support in a variety of top brands including: Leica, Sokkia and Champion.


Carlson BRx6 GNSS Receiver


An all-new multi-GNSS multi-frequency smart antenna

The BRx6 provides robust performance and high precision in a compact and rugged package.


Leica Zeno 20


Simply more than GPS

The Leica Zeno 20 simplifies daily data capture for GIS field personnel. Leverage the strength of cutting-edge technology in one remarkably compact device.


Leica Zeno GG04 Smart Antenna


Confidence of accuracy

Collecting high accuracy geospatial data on your smartphone or tablet has never been easier.


The latest innovation in the Leica Zeno range can pair with all existing Zeno handhelds and a wide range of Android or Windows smart devices,


Leica Viva GS14 :: Designed for Performance


Designed for Flexibility & Performance

The Leica GS14 is the most compact and powerful GNSS receiver. The integrated mobile communications and UHF modem means it is suited for any measuring task.


Leica Zeno Connect Software

High accuracy GNSS on all devices

Leica Zeno Connect handles all communications between the GNSS receiver and the application, including the configuration of real-time differential correction sources. Leica Zeno Connect comes as an out-of-the box deployment. Simply install Zeno Connect, and the Zeno Connect toolbar always runs in the foreground of your application.


Sokkia GRX2 GNSS Receiver


Ultimate in Versatility — Scalable. Affordable. Triple Wireless Technology.

The GRX2 brings a new level of versatility and flexibility into your precision applications, being a fully integrated dual-constellation RTK GNSS receiver.


Leica Viva GS16


Delivering the most accurate positions

The Leica Viva GS16 is the most compact and powerful, self-learning GNSS smart antenna.