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Photo: Print-O-Stat's Sustainability Initiative

What is Sustainability?

The EPA has defined sustainability as a simple principle -- everything we need for survival and well-being depends on our natural environment. Sustainability maintains conditions where humans and nature can exist in a productive harmony that fulfills requirements for both present and future generations. Sustainability is making sure we will have the resources to protect human life and the environment.

Print-O-Stat's Sustainability Initiative

Print-O-Stat is committed to providing environmentally conscious products and services. We consider sustainability when we help customers recognize the environmental gain brought by our printing technology through Epson, and other services we provide like shredding / recycling. We offer sustainable innovations because we recognize that the choices we make as organizations, individuals or a society will be essential to our shared success.

Here are some of the ways we strive to be sustainable:

Reducing Waste

Thanks to our partnership with Epson, we can offer high quality and sustainable print solutions that reduce waste by up to 50%. Epson’s products contain fewer moving parts and consumables compared to laser printers, which minimize waste, making it easy for you to print more consciously. With Epson's Heat-Free Technology, there is no big electricity draw to warm up the machine and wait for that first page out because Epsons use heat-free Precision-Core technology.

Our HP product line, specifically the PageWide XL series uses water based inks that generate no ozone or dust emissions with free and convenient recycling. 

Additionally, our scanning, archiving and shredding services offers more capabilities for reducing waste. In a world of online collaboration, hybrid workplaces and remote schedules, having your files stored digitally allows you to still have all your documents at your fingertips. You can access old projects and data whenever and wherever you need them

Reducing Energy Consumption

In addition to reducing waste, as a partner of Epson, we serve to help reduce energy consumption with Epson’s complete product line of Business Inkjet Printers. Their Precision Core Heat-Free Technology is designed to achieve low energy consumption, which uses up to 85% less energy than other top selling laser printers. From the desktop model to the robust, high-speed enterprise units, Print-O-Stat offers the Epson to fit every print need while cutting energy consumption in the process.

Did you know?
  • Small and mid-size offices average 15 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year. That's why focusing on reducing energy consumption can free up dollars that can be better used toward growing your business.
  • Office equipment and computers represent 31% of electricity use. Epson Business Inkjets eliminate heat from the ink ejection process, lowering power consumption. And, they require practically no warmup time to start printing.

The PageWide XL from HP also is ENERGY STAR® certified while seeing up to 10 times lower energy consumption to comparable LED printers.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Thanks to our partnership with Epson, Print-O-Stat is dedicated to ‘Turn Down the Heat’ by choosing energy-saving technology. "Choosing Heat-Free Technology to lower energy consumption can help reduce green-house gas emissions and help us slow permafrost thaw in the arctic." - Katey Walter Anthony, Arctic researcher and future National Geographic Explorer.

Unlike LED technology, HP PageWide Technology operates without a fuser, reducing heat and noise generated—and producing no ozone.⁶ HP PageWide XL printers can be seamlessly integrated into the workplace with typical ventilation. HP water based inks generate no ozone or dust emissions.

Partnering with One Tree Planted

We are passionate about supporting our customer’s business needs, and we feel strongly about doing so in an environmentally conscious way. In addition to using and offering these incredible eco-friendly technology and services, we’ve also committed to planting a tree for each Epson sold!

To date, Print-O-Stat has been awarded a certificate of 1,000 trees planted and counting and has been named a privileged and distinguished partner whose contributions have been and continue to be essential to the reforestation, conservation and protection of endangered forests around the world.


Recycled Packaging and Paper Products

Recycling is another big part of our company’s initiatives. We provide professional shredding services to ensure your confidential documents are not only securely disposed of but they’re also completely recycled once shredded. We’re always looking for new high quality recycled media options and we even offer seed paper that can be printed on now and planted later!

In addition to recycled media, many of the printer manufacturers we represent like Epson and HP now provide their ink in recycled packaging rather than plastic cartridges or offer recycling programs to ensure waste is at an absolute minimum.

We are thrilled to work with eco friendly partners who are focused on keep our customers’ hardware and ink cartridges out of landfills.

Together we can work efficiently and reduce our environmental impact!

Reduce Waste

  • Fewer moving parts and consumables compared to laser printers
  • Our scanning, archiving and shredding services offer more capabilities to reduce waste

Reduce electricity

  • Low power consumption
  • Epson's Heat-Free Technology uses 85% less energy

Reduce Paper Waste

  • Print-O-Stat offers recycled paper options
  • Inefficient printers lead to wasteful printing
  • Many software solutions can lead to help cut paper usage

Reduce CO2 Emissions

  • Heat-Free Technology reduces power consumption
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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