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Oce PlotWave 345

Large Format Technical Document Management with Advanced Security Options


  • Highly configurable 1 or 2 roll large format printer and copier with optional integrated 600 dpi color/mono scanner
  • The PlotWave 345 / 365 large format printer is available in a space saving single-footprint design
  • The top delivery tray incorporates air separation technology and neatly collates and stacks up to 50 E-size plots
  • Portfolio of security options for the printing system includes disk encryption, access management, and a removable hard drive


Accessories - 2 Roll

Current Meter - 84552

Oce PlotWave 345

SKU: 331204299

    Fast and Easy with Clearconnect Panel

    • Touchscreen with multi-touch gestures for tablet/smartphone-like interaction.
    • Easily control printer and scanner/copier with your fingertips using the simple screen movements.
    • Swipe, spread, and zoom in on details of a drawing.
    • Live Preview function to confirm documents are correctly scanned to avoid errors

      Neat Document Delivery
    • Integrated Top Delivery Tray neatly stacks and collates up to 50 E-size/A0 documents.
    • Air separation technology prevents large documents from cascading onto the floor like conventional top stackers.
    • Optional Delivery Tray provides additional 150 sheets (E-size/A0) capacity.
    • Optional Estefold 2400 fanfolder.

      Get Better Copy and Color Scanning Results
    • Image Logic technology automatically compensates for wrinkled and light-colored originals to produce superior results.
    • Originals are inserted face-up and width of original is detected automatically.
    • Create one-touch Scan Templates to capture commonly used settings or to require standardized scan settings.

      Instant Productivity with Radiant Fusing Technology
    • Get instant start-up and use half the energy of comparable systems.
    • Fast first print out. From cold sleep to print in hand in less than 40 seconds.
    • Increase productivity even more with the second roll option for multiple width rolls or longer unattended printing.

      Effortless Roll Changing
    • Up to 650-foot roll length for maximum efficiency.
    • Built-in roll loading station in each drawer.
    • Media is auto-fed into the printer and roll width is auto-detected and displayed on the ClearConnect touchscreen display.

      Reliable Quality and Performance
    • Take advantage of superb print quality with high resolution Pico Printing at 600 x 1200 dpi.
    • Award-winning industrial design with robust and durable materials.
    • Extensively used areas of the printer are fabricated out of metal for commercial duty.

      Eco-Friendly System
    • This system has the lowest sound levels and heat compared to conventional fusing systems which operate on heat and pressure rollers and fans.
    • Can be located and operated within workgroup environments.
    • Closed toner system is easy to refill with no clumsy toner cartridges to unscrew or spill. Toner can be added while printing.

      Productive and Secure POWERsync Controller
    • Get the power to handle large and complex technical documents thanks to the productive POWERsync Controller.
    • Concurrency. Scan and copy while printing.
    • Protect confidential information with the latest security and protection features supported by a Microsoft Windows 8 embedded platform.
    • The open interface of the POWERsync Controller enables the printer to embed software like uniFLOW.

      Flexible Workflow
    • This system is designed to make it easier to prepare, produce, and manage complex technical documents and sets of drawings.
    • Advanced tools make it easy to get documents where you need them, when you need them
  • Due to the size of the shipment of this product, only certain methods are available.

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