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Robotic layout solution. Quick, accurate and easy construction site layouts.

Experience HP’s construction layout robot and transform how your construction site layouts get made.


Improve on site productivity
Reduce layout and labor costs with autonomous technology. Save time with printed text to enrich info on-site, and free up expertise to add value elsewhere.

Get accurate layouts
Get every project done exactly right. Count on precise, accurate implementation of complex layouts.

Easy to Use
Handle projects seamlessly with an all-in-one construction layout management solution. Pack the portable device between sites and go.

HP's printing knowhow and robotics technology combine to accelerate projects - without errors or redos



Be a part of the transformation. Blink and you might miss it.

Contact us to take part in the HP SitePrint early access program, or sign up to stay informed on the evolution of HP SitePrint—and an entire industry.

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Everything required to execute layout (software, service, maintenance and supplies) will be included in a single fee per square foot. This makes costs predictable and easy to allocate.

The speed of this construction layout robot depends on line density and complexity of the job to be printed. It can improve construction productivity up to ten times compared to the manual process.

Yes. HP SitePrint is equipped with obstacle avoidance and cliff sensors to autonomously avoid unknown elements not included in the obstacle layer of the CAD.

HP SitePrint can print multiple elements other than lines such as text, arcs or points. This will provide additional information to operators that will help avoid errors and reworks.

Only one person is required to perform construction layout with the HP SitePrint construction layout robot, while two or even three workers might be involved in the manual process.

HP SitePrint comes with two batteries. Each of them can perform constant construction layout for up to 4 hours. When both are combined, they can perform a full day of construction layout work.

A wide selection of ink fluids means it can be used on a wide variety of environments and on a wide variety of surfaces. This enables the layout robot to work on porous (concrete, tarmac, plywood, pavement...) and non-porous surfaces (terrazzo, vinyl, epoxy...).

There is also a wide selection of inks in terms of color and durability for different construction layout uses. From fast fading (days) to medium fading (weeks) or slow fading (months).

Yes. It can overcome concrete roughness or any other obstacles up to 2 cm thick. Thanks to our advanced construction layout robotics technology, the layout robot can keep printing accurately even when tilting.