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Bluebeam Drawings App

What is Drawings?

Bluebeam® Drawings is a web and mobile app. Drawings gives users the freedom to view drawings for free on any device, anywhere.

The Drawings app fits in seamlessly with your customers’ existing workflows, allowing Revu® users with Maintenance to easily upload drawings to the web and distribute them to project partners in the field or on the go. Your customers can simply open the app, click on a project, and view the latest, mobile-optimized plans for free.

No more paying to view the current set. No more communication breakdowns. Just universal access when your customers need it, where they need it.

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How Can I Use Drawings?

When your files are ready to be sent to the field, they should be uploaded to Drawings. PDFs can be uploaded to Drawings from your local device or copied from existing Studio Projects.

Here are the roles associated with uploading and viewing:
  • Gateway admins - Otherwise known as the license admins. This is who purchased Revu or an IT Administrator. The Gateway admins will designate the Drawings Uploaders within the Bluebeam Gateway.
  • Drawings Uploaders - This role can upload PDFs to Drawings and then publish them.
  • Viewers - This role can view only sheets that have already been published.

Who will benefit most from using Drawings?

Project team members in the construction vertical who need access to the latest set of drawings in the field. The following roles will see the most benefit in using Drawings:
  • Project Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Superintendents
  • Subcontractors/Foremen

Note: Drawings is optimized using the United States National CAD Standard® (NCS).


Is Drawings free?
  • Anyone with the Bluebeam Drawings app can view drawings for free, but you’ll need Revu® with Maintenance to upload and distribute drawings. If you’re interested in uploading drawings, contact your organization’s Revu license admin.

Can I upload an unlimited number of sheets?
  • No, there are limits to how many sheets can be uploaded and processed based on license seat counts. They are quite generous, so we don’t expect anyone to hit their sheet limit. However, if they do, they will receive an email notification directing them to the Drawings Contact page (coming soon on the Bluebeam website).

How does Drawings work with Revu?
  • To upload and view drawings, you need to use the Drawings web and mobile apps. At this time, you cannot access Drawings through Revu. However, once you log in to the Drawings web app, you have the option to upload drawings by copying them directly from existing Studio Projects in Revu.

How do I get Drawings?
  • If you want to view drawings, you just need to create a Bluebeam ID and visit the web app or download the mobile app.
  • If you want to upload to Drawings, you will need a license of Revu 2018 with active Maintenance. The Gateway admin can then assign as many Drawings Uploaders as they have seats on that Revu 2018 license.

I have Revu 2018 but I don’t have Maintenance. How do I get access to Drawings?
  • If you have purchased Revu, or your Maintenance expired, within the last 30 days, you can still add Maintenance at the regular annual price.
  • If you have purchased Revu more than 30 days ago, you can pay a Delayed Maintenance fee to add or reinstate their Maintenance.

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