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Carlson iCAD is an affordable CAD program that works with both .dwg and .dgn files and is designed to fit into your production workflow. Carlson iCAD allows drafters to finish drawings and engineers to review drawings.

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Key Features:

  • 2D and 3D CAD package
  • Works with both .dwg and .dgn files
  • Built on IntelliCAD® 10.0 engine
  • Carlson Software drafting and annotation tools
  • Perpetual license
  • Free tech support

  • Open/Save .dwg, .dgn and .dxf files: Supports 2017 and earlier formats
  • Import/Export: Transfer other format models including .pdf, .iges and .step
  • Plot: Output to printers and PDF
  • Google Earth: Import and Export KML/KMZ
  • Civil 3D: Convert Civil 3D custom objects to standard CAD entities
  • Xref: Manage external references
  • Drawing Utilities: Functions include spell check and purge

  • Clipboard: Copy and paste drawing entities
  • Standard CAD Edits: Functions include move, copy, erase, offset, trim
  • Text: Edit, resize, rotate and move text
  • Polyline Utilities: Smooth, reduce, reverse and edit polylines
  • Join Nearest: Create polylines from lines and arcs
  • Image: Adjust quality and clip images

Other Features:

  • Zoom: By window, center, extents
  • 3D Viewer Window: 3D display of drawing entities with lighting controls
  • Twist Screen: Set plan rotation for drawing display
  • Display Order: Control display order for entities
  • Layer Controls: Edit layer properties and display

  • Standard CAD entities: Line, polyline, circle, rectangle, arc
  • Text: Draw either regular Text or MText
  • Symbols: Draw from the Symbol Library
  • Hatch: Use Hatch Wizard or regular CAD Hatch
  • Image: Supports many formats including .jpg, .tif, .sid, .png and .bmp
  • Leader: Several leader styles plus option to draw labels
  • Blocks: Includes Write Block and Insert
  • 3D Solids: Draw objects like box and cylinder, and apply functions like Extrude and Union

  • Drawing Inspector: Show tooltip of properties as move cursor over entities
  • Entity Info: Pick entity to report layer, curve info, angle info or distance
  • List: Report details of selected entities

  • Options: Settings for CAD engine
  • Symbol Library: Manage your collection of symbol drawings to insert
  • Quick Keys: Define command line shortcut names for commands
  • Toolbar Setup: Manage your toolbar layouts
  • Object Snap: Set CAD screen pick snap modes
  • Customize User Interface: control ribbons, menus and workspaces

  • Angle/Distance: Commands to label bearing or azimuth and distance of lines
  • Annotate Arc: Commands to label arc dimensions
  • Areas: Commands to label areas defined by linework boundaries

System Requirements:
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista® are supported
  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit processors are supported

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