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Print-O-Stat was approached by a well-known Fortune 500 company and asked to complete a monumental scanning and archiving job that included nearly 400 banker’s boxes with a completion deadline of under 3 months so that the customer could meet their budget goals. This job included folders of papers that were stapled and clipped. Binders, instruction guides and technical manuals of all sizes with double sided print. All sizes and shapes of paperwork up to and including large format plans. These documents also needed to be labeled and finished with OCR (optical character recognition) so that they were easily accessible and searchable.

Print-O-Stat gladly accepted the job. Print-O-Stat’s ability to leverage all of our technical resources and rely on the expertise of our experienced staff enabled us to meet our customer’s deadline, provide them with a deliverable that met all of their expectations and keep the project within budget. Print-O-Stat was thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work on a project of this magnitude, our largest and most extensive project in 15 years for the Scanning and Archiving division. With the most recent success, we asked to continue to perform additional scanning and archiving projects, most recently scanning film and slides for archiving purposes. With each opportunity we are given, we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional service and expanding our relationship.

Print-O-Stat offers a cost-effective means for capturing and converting a wide range of printed documents, slides or even film allowing your organization to gain control of its most valuable information. Through state-of-the-art document management solutions, we provide high-volume, high-quality scanning, indexing and conversion services to help you free up valuable office space, make your documentation more accessible and easier to find, and protect your hard copy documents from potential loss. We look forward to discussing your upcoming scanning and archiving project. For more information or to obtain a quote, please reach out to your local branch or contact us Toll Free at 800-711-8014.