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3D Laser Scanning Sales and Service
Capturing your current existing conditions


Key Aspects of Laser Scanning

  • Precise comprehensive data collection including complex angles and geometries

  • Greater accuracy in modeling - utilizing the point cloud as a reference

  • Allows you to virtual revisit the site

  • Reduce the re-work in the field

  • Increased profit margin on your project as soft costs are reduced or eleminated

If your staff is looking for a fast and effective way to collect all your as is conditions without making a huge investment into scanning equipment, we can help. Our staff of highly trained, experienced professionals is at your service to provide all your on-site 3D scanning service needs.

3D or high-definition scanning is increasingly becoming the preferred means with which to capture the current existing conditions, Whether you are modeling a surface or a building, running crash detection or doing spatial analysis for facility management, you must know exactly what is on site and how everything fits and works together.

High definition 3D laser scanning is a form of high definition surveying that uses a laser to gauge distance to a surface. The data collected from the scene is used to create a map of the object.


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