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AutoCAD Civil 3D Corridors Focus


1 Day

About the Course

The AutoCAD® Civil 3D® Corridors course is designed for civil engineers

and designers who want to take advantage of AutoCAD® Civil 3D®

corridors and the design power they offer as interactive, dynamic objects.

Students learn techniques to create corridors for different design

objectives, and gain understanding of different parts and options used in

a corridor object. Students learn how to utilize the functions of feature

line and corridor editing to make the design process more efficient.

2 Days - 9:00am - 4:00pm


  • Corridor parts

    • assembly creation

    • subassembly information and parts

    • links

    • codes

  • Corridor terminology

    • baselines

    • regions

    • frequencies

    • targets

  • Real world data examples to use corridors for:

    • linear corridor based on feature lines

    • linear corridor based on finished grade profiles

    • parking lot design and grading using a temporary surface

    • roadway design

    • cul-de-sac corridor

    • lane widening

    • basin grading with berm and spillway

    • cut / fill analysis to compare surfaces


  • Previous experience with Civil 3D.

  • Understanding of surfaces, alignments, profiles and feature lines in Civil 3D

  • Basic understanding of Civil 3D styles and style creation

  • Understanding of civil engineering concepts, language and terminology

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