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AutoCAD Civil 3D Survey Fundamentals


2 Days

About the Course

The AutoCAD® Civil 3D® Survey Fundamentals course is designed for Surveyors

and Civil Engineers who want to take advantage of AutoCAD® Civil

3D® software’s ability to import, automate, and analyze survey data using

common survey formats.

Students learn techniques enabling them import data from point files,

georeferenced imagery, LIDAR, and Digital Elevation Models commonly

used in the surveying and civil engineering industries.


  • Learn the Civil3D interface and shortcuts to control it

  • Understand the dynamic capabilities of the software, and how quickly

    and efficiently changes can be made

  • Set coordinate systems, projections, and other settings for a project

  • Create and control the objects in Civil3D

    • points

    • point groups

    • parcels

    • surfaces

    • survey figures

  • Develop survey specific elements:

    • point styles

    • label styles

    • description keys

    • importing data from multiple sources

    • deed descriptions

    • parcel creation

    • field to finish setup


  • Previous Experience with AutoCAD.

  • Understanding of survey and civil engineering principles and language

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