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Introduction to Carlson Survey


2 days

About the Course

About This Course

This course is an essential resource for all surveyors and survey technicians utilizing Carlson Survey to perform all types of survey calculations and deliverables. Critical components of Carlson Survey are covered in a clear and comprehensive approach that enables the reader to quickly learn these key topics and effectively put them to use in their daily workflow. Each lesson contains a discussion of the background of the topic and its real world applications, followed by step-by-step exercises that demonstrate how to make them work for you.

About Carlson Survey Software

Carlson Survey is surveyors' #1 software choice. With Survey you get a full tool kit - everything from network least squares to surface modeling. You can work seamlessly between office and field, establishing company-wide design styles. Survey can create GIS links and exchange ESRI data. Users can choose the platform Carlson Survey works on: AutoCAD® (sold separately) or IntelliCAD® (built in). Users can also choose Carlson Survey OEM with built-in engine powered with Autodesk® technology. Carlson Survey together with Carlson's popular data collection software options -- SurvCE, SurvPC and Field provide powerful, effective and accurate "Field to Finish". Symbols, points and linework are drawn automatically in Carlson Survey as well as drawings in SurvCE, SurvPC and Field process perfectly and easily in Carlson Survey.

Topics Covered:

  • Configuration and Drawing Setup

    • Settings/Defaults

    • Drawing Templates

    • Project Management

  • Basic Drawing Commands

    • Drawing orientation and inquiry commands

    • 2D and 3D line work

    • Drawing curves

    • Modify and editing a drawing

    • Dimensioning and variables

  • Points

    • Reading point data from collectors/ASCII files

    • Placing and manipulating point data within a drawing

    • Managing a coordinate file

  • Processing Raw Field Data

    • Raw data editor

    • SurvNET

    • Import/Export formats

  • Introduction of Field to Finish

    • Code tables

    • Lines, symbols and annotations

    • Multiple coding

    • Special codes

  • Surface Modeling

    • Triangulate and contour

    • Adding 3D site data to surface

    • Creating an existing profile

  • Cogo Commands and Deed Processing

    • Entering deeds

      • Deed Files

      • Legal Description Writer

      • Map Checks

    • Deed Correlation (creating a "fit")

    • Annotating

      • Annotation Defaults

      • Auto-annotate

    • Symbols/blocks

    • Title blocks

  • Subdivisions and Roadways

    • Creating a centerline alignment

    • Creating a roadway

    • Creating Lots

    • LotNET (the automation of creating a subdivision)

  • Lots Areas and Annotating Plans

    • Annotation and Area Defaults

    • Auto-annotating

    • Dynamic Areas

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