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HP SitePrint Robotic Layout Solution
Quick, accurate and easy construction site layouts


Get digital layouts on to the floor easily. Experience HP's construction layout robot and transform how your construction layouts get made. 

Breakthrough Layout Efficiency
HP's printing knowhow & robotics technology combine to accelerate projects - without errors or redos

Improve on-site productivity
Reduce layout and labor costs with autonomous technology. Save time with printed text to enrich info on-site, and free up expertise to add value elsewhere.

Get accurate layouts
Get every project done exactly right. Count on precise, accurate implementation of complex layouts.

Easy to use

Handle projects seamlessly with an all-in-one construction layout management solution. Pack the portable device between sites and go.


How HP SitePrint Works

Learn step by step how this robust, all-in-one construction layout management solution can easily handle end-to-end project processes

CAD Preparation

  • You need a 2D CAD file. If you have a 3D model, convert it to a 2D .dxf CAD file

  • Insert additional printing information and instructions and use the HP plug-in to get a robot ready file

  • Save the 2D .dxf CAD file into the cloud. Maintain version control and share revisions with field operators

Site Preparation

  • Clear layout area as for manual layout. No need for a broom swept floor.

  • Make sure that the control points used for the robotic total station are accurately marked. Your layout is as accurate as these control points.

Solutions Setup

  • Set up the robotic total station and shoot the control points

  • Lock the robotic total station to the robot tracking station

  • Connect the robotic total station wirelessly to the HP SitePrint through the user interface (tablet, phone, laptop, etc.)

Job Execution

  • Open the CAD file on the control panel, select the print area, and submit the job.

  • Maintain a line of sight between the robot tracking prism and the robotic total station.

  • Choose between different links for different types of layouts.

  • The robot avoids collisions with obstacles.

  • HP SitePrint is robust enough to work on rough and bumpy surfaces.

End to end management

  • HP SitePrint cloud allows sharing of the latest CAD files with all stakeholders, so you can monitor job progress from the office and manage accounting reports 

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