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Print-O-Stat holds Pre-Apprentice Day with York Builders Association

Students from all over the area were treated to a Pre-Apprentice Day with York Builders Association

Print-O-Stat specialists broke the students down into small groups and showed them three key aspects of the AEC industry - CAD and Topography, Survey Equipment and HD Scanning and Software. Hands-on learning and exercises were the focus of the day.

Mark, our Applications Engineer, used the Authorized Training Center to instruct students in Autodesk design software and Google Earth showcasing the importance of elevation change, cartography and hydrology. Thomas, our Surveying Specialist, took students outside and introduced them to select survey equipment to triangulate points including an automatic level, a rotating laser and a total station. Steve, Print-O-Stat's HD Scanning specialist discussed the equipment used for HD scanning as well as the end results of renderings of various projects.

To give students some hands-on learning, an exercise was given for groups to construct a structure using only spaghetti and marshmallows, with a large marshmallow having to be the top. The highest structure won. Design and team-building were key. Another hand-on exercise was to do site design and layout a new mini-mart type business with gas pumps. Designs had to take into account traffic flow, parking as well as situating the trash facilities and a retaining pond. Brainstorming and teamwork were key for this exercise.

For those that attended our Pre-Apprentice Day, thank you for coming! We hope to see you again at future events! For students who couldn't make it, feel free to contact us, for more information!

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