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Argos Print Management Software

Argos helps AEC firms and their MPS providers succeed together


Argos is the print management software that puts you in control of your print and copy expenses without sacrificing productivity. Argos software has a robust tracking sophisticated management tools and an unobstrusive interface.


Argos is the print management software that tracks every print and copy on your printers, plotters and copiers. If it prints, Argos tracks it. The monitoring doesn't stop there - Argos hooks into phone systems, fax machines, scanners and even 3D printers and brings the data into one central place. You can report, bill, and analyze what happens on your network.


Rock solid print and color monitoring, so nothing gets missed.


For most companies, printing is an obvious and visible place to start tracking and lowering expenses. Argos makes it easy to get started with print monitoring technologies to capture nearly any print job, regardless of how it was made. Install Argos tracking on your print servers and immediately watch the statistics. Thousands of customers around the world rely on Argos to capture every detail - who, when, what and how much - for every print, copy, scan, fax and more. Knowing is half the battle. Argos shows you costs with ease and clarity.


Straight from the source


Argos installs as far "downstream" as possible - in some cases directly on your printers and copiers - for the most tamper-proof and accurate view as possible of what's getting printed in your office.

Argos Print Management Software

    • Automatic color detection
    • Works with any Mac or Windows printer
    • Automatic printer detection and setup
  • Contact us on how to obtain your software solution

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