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Autodesk Certified Associate - Fusion 360 - CAD for Mechanical Design

Autodesk Certified Associate - A certification designed for post-secondary students and emerging professionals with Autodesk software knowledge and skills who are ready to enter the job market or shift to a new career path.


Earn Certifications—Market Your Skills

After completing the exam:

  • Receive Exam Score Report with actionable insights
  • See your areas of strength and deeper knowledge
  • Know where to work to round out your professional skillset


After passing the exam:

  • Receive a digital Credlybadge and certificate toshowcase your skills to your company, hiring managers, and the industry
  • Credly enables certification badges to be automatically linked to your profile and displayed on sites like LinkedIn
  • Discover the directory of Autodesk Certified Associates, Professionals, and Experts
  • Autodesk certifications are displayed in your Autodesk Profile

Autodesk Certified Associate - Fusion 360 - CAD for Mechanical Design

  • What makes Autodesk’s role-based certifications exceptional:

    • Exam quality and rigor
    • Exam Accessibility (at test center and online proctoring
    • Learning pathways for all certifications are freely available

    What are the key benefits of Autodesk’s role-based certifications?

    • Employer recognition
    • Badges to display on digital resume, social media platforms, etc.
    • Cost-effective

    Certification Value to Organizations

    • Improves team performance & productivity
    • Ability to easily identify the right candidate for the job
    • Help keep track of which people have which specialties to optimize project staffing

    Certification Value to Individuals

    • Individuals certify to gain competitive advantage
    • Individuals certify to increase their credibility & hiring potential
    • Recertification for exams to publicly highlight proven aptitude of the latest technology
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