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Autodesk Certified Professional - Civil 3D - Infrastructure Design

Autodesk Certified Professional - A certification designed for rofessionals and advanced students solving workflow and design challenges who want to move their skills, research, and career forward and stand out in their market.


Earn Certifications—Market Your Skills

After completing the exam:

  • Receive Exam Score Report with actionable insights
  • See your areas of strength and deeper knowledge
  • Know where to work to round out your professional skillset


After passing the exam:

  • Receive a digital Credlybadge and certificate toshowcase your skills to your company, hiring managers, and the industry
  • Credly enables certification badges to be automatically linked to your profile and displayed on sites like LinkedIn
  • Discover the directory of Autodesk Certified Associates, Professionals, and Experts
  • Autodesk certifications are displayed in your Autodesk Profile

Autodesk Certified Professional - Civil 3D - Infrastructure Design

  • What makes Autodesk’s role-based certifications exceptional:

    • Exam quality and rigor
    • Exam Accessibility (at test center and online proctoring
    • Learning pathways for all certifications are freely available

    What are the key benefits of Autodesk’s role-based certifications?

    • Employer recognition
    • Badges to display on digital resume, social media platforms, etc.
    • Cost-effective

    Certification Value to Organizations

    • Improves team performance & productivity
    • Ability to easily identify the right candidate for the job
    • Help keep track of which people have which specialties to optimize project staffing

    Certification Value to Individuals

    • Individuals certify to gain competitive advantage
    • Individuals certify to increase their credibility & hiring potential
    • Recertification for exams to publicly highlight proven aptitude of the latest technology
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