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Carlson® GIS

With tools for data capture and linking, data labeling, import/export of SHP files, polygon topology creation and analysis, and more, Carlson GIS is a true GIS “Swiss Army Knife” for the surveyor or engineer. The routines for managing aerial images enable users to improve the quality of the geographic positioning of their designs.

With Carlson GIS’ powerful GIS automation, users can input, edit, label, inspect, and report GIS data to entities via simple tools, in addition to obtaining topographic and planimetric features from county databases.

Carlson® GIS

    • Import images and terrain from both Google Earth and Esri®
    • Perform preliminary engineering and hydrologic studies, and planning analysis
    • Drape images on 3D surfaces and view in 3D
    • Handle large image areas and adjust the resolution
    • Import GIS layers as linework with GIS data with Web Feature Service (WFS)
    • Use Web Map Service (WMS) to place images from Carlson Image Server or user-specified server
  • Orders for software are for a full 12-month period.  Existing clients who would like to add to an existing contract will need to work directly with their dedicated sales consultant.

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