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Carlson® Precision 3D - Topo

Carlson Software’s revolutionary Precision 3D platform combines the easy and delight of a completely 3D environment with the rigor and precision of sophisticated engineering tools. Much more than 3D just as a visualization tool, the software utilizes the newest technologies to allow users to easily combine data from a wide variety of sources to create high fidelity 3D surfaces (P3D Topo) and hydrology-related deliverables (P3D Hydro).

Carlson® Precision 3D - Topo

    • Surface Creation:
      • Create surfaces from point cloud data
      • No reduction for highest resolution
      • Grid Reduction for faster loading of large surfaces
      • Simplification
      • Create surfaces from imported points and polylines
      • Add points and breakline polylines to existing surfaces
      • Crop and merge surfaces
    • Surface Editing:
      • Real-time surface editing with dynamic contours
      • Unified calculate volumes command and includes new surface to surface volumes
      • Surfaces created or used as top surface display cut/fill volumes in properties window
      • Add/remove points
      • Add breaklines
      • Swap triangle edges
      • Remove triangles
      • Edit point elevation
      • Set point elevation from slope
      • Surface smoothing
      • Improve ridges and valleys
      • Remove dimples (small shallow spots)
      • Create PAD template surfaces for cut and fill
      • Simple texturing using polylines
      • Crop surfaces to polyline
      • Merge Surface
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