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Carlson® Survey

Carlson Survey is designed to complement land surveying operations and provides a variety of survey features to process data from surface modeling to Least Squares Network Adjustment. Users work seamlessly between the office and the field by utilizing company-wide design styles for ease of use and efficiency.

Carlson® Survey

    • DATA COLLECTION INTERFACES -- Upload and download to popular data collectors
    • TRAVERSE ADJUSTMENT -- Spreadsheet editor for raw data with graphics and processing for traverse adjustments
    • SURVNET -- Advanced network least-squares for total station, GPS and level data
    • FIELD-TO-FINISH -- Draw points with styles and in point groups set by point descriptions and draw linework by several flexible methods
    • FIELD-TO-FINISH INSPECTOR -- Inspect all field-to-finish elements, see description source and re-draw based on descriptions edits
    • COGO -- Streamlined inverse, traverse, sideshot, intersections, interpolation, translate, rotate, scale and align
    • COORDINATE TRANSFORMATIONS -- Transform coordinates and screen entities between lat/lon and grid projections as well as local to local by Helmert and least-squares methods
    • DEEDS -- Enter deed by description, read deed data from deed file, deed reports, deed correlation and generate legal description from drawing
    • CUT SHEETS -- Create custom cut sheet reports with reference grades and station-offsets
  • Orders for software are for a full 12-month period.  Existing clients who would like to add to an existing contract will need to work directly with their dedicated sales consultant.

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