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Crain Tri-Max Dual Clamp Tripod

◊    As instruments become more accurate, tripod stability becomes more important.

◊    Without exception, no other tripod even comes close to delivering the stability

and performance of the Tri-Max tripod!

◊    With rugged construction throughout, the design features premium materials including advanced fiberglass composite.

◊    Try one for yourself; if in your professional judgment, you determine the Tri-Max. is not the best tripod available, we’ll refund your money! This money back guarantee on the Tri-Max is valid for 60 days, given the tripod is in “like-new” condition.

◊    The Tri-Max outperforms all other tripods for functionality, special applications, accessories, and ergonomics.

Crain Tri-Max Dual Clamp Tripod

SKU: 90553
  • •    Head Type - ⅝ x 11 Flat
    •    Open Height -  71”
    •    Closed Height - 44"
    •    Net Weight - 16.4 lb

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