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Graphtec CSX550-09

The CSX550-09 is the newest scanner from Graphtec featuring brand new Luxios™ color reproduction technology. Luxios™ color engine offers an enhanced sensor which is expanded to 48-bits that can produce scans with greater accuracy and speed. It is also compatible with Adobe RGB mode, allowing for a wider gamut of color reproduction. The CSX550-09 can scan documents up to 36" wide, with speeds of up to 4ips in color and 12ips in bw at 400 dpi. It has an optical resolution of 1200dpi, perfect for processing photographs, complex maps, and AEC/ CAD drawings


||   Graphtec CSX550-09 SPEC SHEET   ||

Graphtec CSX550-09

    • Scan Width: - Max. 38in. Min. 10in.
    • Document Thickness: - Max. 1.6mm Min. 0.5mm
    • Resolution: - Optical: 600dpi | Max: 9600dpi
    • Scan Speed: - 4ips Color & 12ips BW @ 400dpi
    • Color Space: - sRGB & Adobe RGB
    • Scan System: - CIS w/ LED Light Source
    • Sensor: - 48-bit color / 16-bit gray
    • Interface: - USB 2.0
    • Warranty: - 1 Year On-Site
  • Due to the size of the shipment of this product, only certain methods are available.

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