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SECO 62mm Strobe Prism Assembly

Seco Manufacturing offers a variety of professional survey equipment, as well as a number of accessory products that can be used in the field.


This assembly combines the popular SECO Premier target and holder with a strobe prism.  It’s perfect for low light conditions like tunneling, mining, or forestry applications — the strobe is also useful in conditions where the target may be hard to see due to background light.

The 62-mm silver-coated strobe prism flashes approximately every 1/2-second and features an easy on/off button on the canister.

SECO 62mm Strobe Prism Assembly

SKU: 6402-03-FOB
    • Use -30 mm or 0 offset. 
    • The height of the tilting axis is 115 mm. 
    • The prism uses a standard Sanyo CR-1/3N camera battery for approximately 24 hours of use.
    • The assembly uses standard 5/8 x 11 female mounting.
    • Weighs 1.35 lb
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