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Solibri Office Lite

Solibri Office Lite is available as an individual subscription only. This version of Solibri Office does not support company extensions, as it's not integrated with Solibri Solution Center (SSC). From v9.13.0 onwards, Solibri Office Lite users have access to public extensions.


What are extensions?


There are two types of extensions, company extensions and public extensions:


  • Company extensions: Companies may need to compile and distribute their own set of resources (rulesets for country-specific regulations, classifications, ITOs etc.) and this can be done with an extension. Company extensions provide a simple method to package and store your own extensions - extension files can be created in Solibri's Extension Manager and uploaded into SSC, where they will be available for users to install on their own machines via assignments in SSC. Company extensions are currently not available to Solibri Office Lite users.

  • Public extensions: Additionally, there are public extensions that are available to all users of Solibri (from version 9.13.0 onwards) and which do not require an assignment in SSC. These extensions can be free or paid. You can access the public extensions in Solibri by clicking File > Extensions.

Solibri Office Lite

  • All pricing is based off the Annual Subscription rate.

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